clear skin.

yes this post is about clear skin, now heres the thing we all desire clear skin but most of us (including me) unfortunately don’t have it. so therefore I’m going to share with you some of the things you must do to achieve clear skin.

1.Makeup remover

starting of with the basics, you will need a good makeup remover this could be a micellar water which you use with a cotton pad, or makeup cleansing wipes. This is a must have because if you don’t remove your makeup when its been on all day your makeup will seep into your pores and they will become clogged which will cause more spots! so if you don’t follow the rest of these steps i highly suggest  you follow this one.

2.Face cleanser/wash

The second thing that is crucial with skin care that you ensure to wash your face, I know it sounds obvious but seriously do it! If you don’t follow this step and move straight  to using exfoliator then your just clogging your pores even more as your scrubbing dead skin into your pores which makes them more clogged.

3. Exfoliator

This is just as important as this other because the other steps because this is the product that removes all the dead and dry skin leaving you with a clear baby face. However when using this product don’t rub the product in too harshly other wise your skin will become sore and irritated.

4. Moisturizer

This is the last and final step towards clearer skin. Moisturizer can do a lot for your skin; it keeps your face smooth and prevents it from being dry, gives you a good base for your makeup and can protect your face from the sun. So  100% make sure you use moisturizer



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