Fav drug store products

Firstly in this blog i am going to be talking about my favvvvvvv drug store makeup products which are very affordable and do the trick just as much a high end products do.


1.loreal true match foundation

This foundation is brilliant! Its is median to full coverage without looking cakey at all and feels weightless of your skin. You get a decent amount in the bottle which will last for ages. The price ranges from £8-10 which is great considering all the benefits of this foundation.

2. The sleek eyebrow kit

I love this eyebrow kit! it comes in a little compact so its good for travel and it comes with a pair of tweezers and two small brushes which is great for travel. price? £8.50-9. with this product you can


either go for the defined look with the wax part or go for the more natural look and use the powder side. Also this product comes in many shades which are; light, medium, dark, extra dark and black.



3.Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara.

all i can say about this mascara is GO AND GET IT!!!!! Even with the shortest eyelashes you can still achieve the illusion of long black lashes. This mascara ranges from £7-9. mascara

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Liz Earle cleanse and polish

This product is my favourite makeup remover! Literally it comes in quite a big bottle which will last you forever. Also, if comes with two wash clothes which when you use


 the product it comes in handy.

This makeup remover is sooooooo different to all the other makeup removers out there; all you need is a couple of pumps smoothed over your face then you put the wash cloth under hot water and lightly rub your face and over the eyes. What I love about this product is that for me I have quite short eyelashes so it takes a lot for me to get all my mascara off but with this cleanser the mascara melts of my eyes leaving me with a fresh face.So if your looking for a new makeup remover his is defiantly worth the try.




clear skin.

yes this post is about clear skin, now heres the thing we all desire clear skin but most of us (including me) unfortunately don’t have it. so therefore I’m going to share with you some of the things you must do to achieve clear skin.

1.Makeup remover

starting of with the basics, you will need a good makeup remover this could be a micellar water which you use with a cotton pad, or makeup cleansing wipes. This is a must have because if you don’t remove your makeup when its been on all day your makeup will seep into your pores and they will become clogged which will cause more spots! so if you don’t follow the rest of these steps i highly suggest  you follow this one.

2.Face cleanser/wash

The second thing that is crucial with skin care that you ensure to wash your face, I know it sounds obvious but seriously do it! If you don’t follow this step and move straight  to using exfoliator then your just clogging your pores even more as your scrubbing dead skin into your pores which makes them more clogged.

3. Exfoliator

This is just as important as this other because the other steps because this is the product that removes all the dead and dry skin leaving you with a clear baby face. However when using this product don’t rub the product in too harshly other wise your skin will become sore and irritated.

4. Moisturizer

This is the last and final step towards clearer skin. Moisturizer can do a lot for your skin; it keeps your face smooth and prevents it from being dry, gives you a good base for your makeup and can protect your face from the sun. So  100% make sure you use moisturizer


Holy Grail Products!

I’m about to let you in on the best products i have ever used/purchased!

first of my most favourite setting spray ever; mac prepandprime fix+

If you buy this product it 100% will not let you down. first of you can use it as a primer before you put on your foundation to make your makeup last longer ,or you can use it to make powder products more pigmented but what i use it for is to set my makeup after I’ve completed my face makeup , but i do this before mascara so my masca


ra doesn’t run everywhere and make me look like a raccoon. when you put if on let it dry for  a minute or two without touching your face or your makeup with smudge everywhere. After its dry your makeup with last all day and your makeup will make look air brushed. I highly recommend this product it will not let you down. However this product is high end but its totally worth every penny and it lasts a really long time I’ve had mine since January and its still going strong. £15-20




The next product that is absolutely fabulous is the Estee Lauder Double-Wear Foundation. This product is a bit pricy coming in about £30-40 but the product is fabulousssssssssss. It gives you effortless perfect skin. with this foundation you’ll get compliments thrown at you left right and centre.

the finish of the foundation is matte so if you like the dewy glowy look i don’t recommend this product for you. The great thing about this product is that its full coverage so it will cover all you blemishes and imperfections(


which we all desire).However you have to be careful with this product because its quite thick you only need to apply a small amount and build it up if necassary because if you apply to much you face will look cakey and cakey is not a good look.





The last product that I’m going to recommend is the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder as this is a drugstore product its not that expensive ranging from about £8-£10. The reason why i adore this product so much


is because it sets your makeup nicely and gives your makeup a matte finish giving that extra coverage to your makeup. Its good for oily skin because it keeps your makeup on your oily areas allllllllllllll day!






Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 review.

As you can clearly see by the title I’m going to be doing a review on the Urban Decay naked palette 1. Firstly, starting of with the basics the packaging is attractive with a felt brown cover and the word Naked displayed in gold. when you open up the palette you come to the words naked again in gold writing with a decent sized mirror just above it. The palette already comes with a double-sided brush which definitely comes in handy.

when it comes to the actual eyeshadow the shades range from light shimmery colours to dark browns and more edgy colours. the pigment really pays of as you can see from the swatches underneath and the shadows last all day even if you don’t use a primer! I recommend this palette for people that love their eyeshadow.my arm.jpg

QOTD: whats you favourite makeup brand?

Summer essentials.

As you all know summer has almost arrived so I wanted to let you in on some of the tips advice that I do day to day during Summer.

1.Invest in a primer



you won’t regret the few seconds it takes to apply a primer,which goes on after        moisturiser but before face makeup. This will boost the chances of your makeup staying on even in boiling temperatures.


2.Bronzed goddess 2300711

Bronzer makes your eyes look brighter and your teeth look whiter- everyone looks better with a little warmth added to their skin.



3.GO “natural”

3eb27f06-81e4-4873-ae28-66fac22240eb_1.397954b56b03ec9fa7e513eda19b3878Normally, in the Winter most people try their best to achieve the “perfect skin” with a full coverage foundation. As it is nearly summer you wouldn’t want to be out in the heat with a full thick mask on because that is defiantly the worst feeling in the world! So I suggest you should stick with a BB-cream or a sheer foundation.